Holistic Clinical Services

Holistic Services

A la Carte Services

Comprehensive Assessment - up to 2hrs. ~ $325*

The patient is required to complete in its entirety a very detailed comprehensive health history assessment document prior to your appointment. The doctor will spend considerable time reviewing the document prior to your appointment as preparation for one-on-one time with you. During the appointment will have an opportunity to discuss your medical concerns in greater detail to help the doctor understand the potential root causes contributing to your health disturbances. You will receive a personalized holistic wellness plan to optimize your health and well-being, this can include recommendations for additional lab testing, supplements, nutritional consulting, lifestyle modifications, physical medicine, health coaching, and/or wellness counseling. You will also be educated and empowered around your specific health concern.

Follow Up Appointments - up to 90 mins ~ $125

The FIRST Follow-Up Appointment will be a continuation of the Comprehensive Assessment Appointment to discuss any additional lab results; necessary modifications needed for wellness plan; address any new questions regarding health alterations made at the previous appointment.

SUBSEQUENT Follow-Up Appointments (up to 60 mins) will address similar needs as above in addition to providing on-going consultation, education, and support needed for you to attain your wellness goals.

Save with a Package

Basic Package

Valued at $750
1- Comprehensive Assessment (up to 2hrs.)
2 - Follow- up (phone/video) appointments
10 % lifetime discount off Fullscript dispensary
3 months of ask Dr. T email exchange *this is limited to basic health questions that do not require speaking directly with the client.

You Pay: One payment of ONLY $525