Detox Coaching Programs

Detox Consultation

Only $150 (book included) – (50 mins)

This involves an assessment your current detoxification channels along with present barriers to optimal health function. A consultation on the best individualized recommendations to support general detoxification; frequency of intensified detoxification; book highlights specific to your detox needs and step-by-step instructions for a safe and effective intensive detoxification. Separate purchase of detox supplements is highly recommended.

All products – colon cleansing kit and internal cleansing kit will be available as an independent purchase but below are some package deals.

14-Day Detox Intensive $250

This includes:

Detoxification Consult
Detox-Style Book
Colon Cleansing Kit
Guided Written Instruction

30- Day Full Body Detox $500

This includes:

2 Detoxification Consults
Detox-Style Book
Colon Cleansing Kit
Internal Cleansing Kit
Guided Written Instructions

When completing an intensive detoxification for your physical body is not enough to completely optimize health and wellness - sign up for additional consultations for continual support and accountability during or after completing an intensive detox; support in how to incorporate a “Detox-style” into a daily practice; to address other health concerns; jump start your weight release program; or work through mental/emotional or spiritual barriers to wellness.

30 minute videoconferencing appointments are available:

Add 1 additional follow-up consultation to any package $95

Add 2 additional follow-up consultations to any package $190

Add 3 additional follow-up consultations to any package $285