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Connection Between Routine & Health 

There are several health benefits associated with having a routine. One of the most important is promoting overall health and wellness with the structure of living an organized life. Some benefits are:

  • Less worry 
  • Better sleep 
  • Healthy diet
  • Higher self-esteem 
  • Decreased anxiety

We can create a better schedule and improve our physical and mental health by having a daily routine. No matter our age, routine is important and helps us develop healthy habits. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, and this is the same timeframe needed to develop a healthy routine. When you complete a task for a certain amount of time, it becomes a habit, and it is more likely that you will keep it up. 

How do you form a routine? 

The best way to create a longstanding routine is to determine your goal and break it into small goals that are easier to achieve. Create a list of everything you want to get done and set aside a specific time to complete it daily. It is important to understand that things happen, and you will need to set aside time for emergencies and include flexibility in your schedule. 

What are the best areas to create a routine? 

There are several areas that you can create a healthy routine, but the most important are sleep, meals, and work; these are the areas in life that we dedicate a lot of time to and don’t always know how to manage it efficiently. Keep reading to learn the benefits of creating routines in these areas and recommendations on how they can improve your life. 

  • It is important to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Not only do you feel better, but there are several other benefits like a lower risk of heart disease and a better overall mood. Sticking to a routine throughout your day makes it easier to have a consistent bedtime. We all have a sleep-wake cycle that references the amount of time we are asleep or awake within 24 hours. This cycle can be disrupted by not having a consistent sleep routine and can lead to difficulty sleeping and, over time, a potential sleeping disorder. To make the best of your sleep routine, try going to bed and waking at the same time daily, avoiding caffeine, and keeping a nice calm, and quiet bedroom. 
  • Successfully planning and prepping your meals can have several benefits. We all want to eat healthy to get all the benefits, but it is not always easy. Aside from eliminating the stress of what to eat, meal planning & prep saves time and helps you proactively avoid poor eating choices. To begin your meal prepping journey, it’s best to stock up your kitchen with everything you need, schedule a day to go grocery shopping, make a list or box of your favorite recipes, and get organized. 
  • When it comes to working, if you want structure, creating a healthy work routine is essential. It will help you focus on work; whether it’s committing to taking lunch and using it to eat healthily and get away from your desk or the office, it’s important. You can also block out time weekly to learn a new skill and eliminate distractions by going offline and saying no to unreasonable requests that make you feel undervalued. Doing this will help you get re-energized about work, decrease anxiety, and perform better overall. 

Establishing a routine in any area can reduce stress, improve your lifestyle and provide better overall organization. The key is determining where you want to start and what is most important to you and your lifestyle needs.

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