Naturopathic Consultation

What distinguishes your Naturopathic appointment from your average appointment to other medical providers is the time we take in actually listening to you, answering your questions, and addressing your healthcare concerns. We realize that no one knows your body as thoroughly as you do and gathering as much information from you as possible can help us to better understand not only your condition but the impact it is having on your life, which can impede upon your mental/emotion health as well; this adds to our uniqueness. We are concerned with your whole health and not just fragments of who you are. By addressing your whole health concerns body, mind, & spirit we can optimize your health and wellness and an improved quality of life.


The Comprehensive Assessment is an extensive virtual (video) visit that gathers a detailed picture of the various factors that can contribute to your illness and diseases. It also allows the doctor time both pre and during appointment to more fully evaluate what is potentially the root cause of your health disturbances and establish a safe and effective wellness protocol to restore your health.  A take home plan of action is established just for you with your unique health concerns in mind.  A detailed comprehensive assessment form MUST be completed and submitted 48 HOURS PRIOR to this appointment.


  • Review of completed health assessment document
  • Review most recent lab work, if applicable (30 days or less) related to chief complaint
  • Review potential contributing causes to chief complaint

Considerations evaluated:

  • Past medical conditions
  • Current medications & side effects
  • Contraindications with natural therapies

During Appointment:

  • Gather more in-depth details of your presenting & prevailing health complaint
  • Discuss potential root causes contributing to health disturbance
  • Provide client education
  • Provide health empowerment

Develop a personalized wellness plan tailored to your unique life, this can include:

  • Basic and/or functional lab tests recommendations
  • Lifestyle planning & modifications
  • Dietary modifications
  • Nutritional and/or herbal supplements
  • Detoxification Protocol
  • DIY Hydrotherapy Protocol
  • Wellness education
  • Well-beingness counseling
  • Implement other health optimization strategies


Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive Health Assessment (90 mins)
  • Blood Lab Testing (includes an evaluation of your red and white blood cell indices, kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, cardiac risk makers, diabetes risk markers, and thyroid function)
    Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
    Lipid Panel
    C Reactive Protein, High Sensitivity (CRP, HS)
    Vitamin D
    Hemoglobin A1C
    Thyroid Panel (TSH, fT3, fT4)
  • 1 Follow-Up Appointment (60 mins)


The 1st Follow-Up Appointment is to review lab work results, monitor for responses to initial wellness plan, and to build on that plan to address any imbalances that have shown up in your lab work.  This also helps you stay accountable to achieving your health goals.

SUBSEQUENT FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS ~ up to 30 or 60 mins ~ $140 -$160

Restoring health to optimal wellness takes time.  Subsequent appointments will give you that time to build comfort with your wellness plan via professional support/accountability, education, and empowerment to reach your goals.


To help us better serve you and optimize your one-on-one time with Dr. Houston we require that you completely fill-out a Comprehensive Health Assessment Document, which provides us with a detailed picture of the various factors that contribute to your health. This is an electronic Patient Intake Document that you will receive instructions to complete after scheduling your first appointment. While filling out this document you may need to refer to past medical documents along with any current prescription and/or supplement bottles, it is very important that you please allow yourself 60 minutes to fill it out in its entirety and it must be electronically submitted no later than 48 hours prior to your first appointment.

Appointment Changes/Cancellations

All scheduling for wellness services and changes can be done online at your convenience once you register.

Please practice courtesy by making any changes to your appointment no later than 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment time. This allows us time to schedule others in this time slot and plan the flow of the workday accordingly. Deposits for Comprehensive Health Assessment are NON-REFUNDABLE.   Due to limited availability all “No-show” appointments will be charged for that appointment.  All of this can be avoided by demonstrating courtesy at all times with scheduling.   Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation towards helping us run a practice of premium quality in the services we provide.


 Scratchpay is available to help you find payment options to achieve wellness.

  • Quick & Easy to Apply
  • Soft Credit Check

Other forms of payment accepted includes: all major credit cards, Health Savings Account (HSA) & Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards may be applied. WE DO NOT ACCEPT any medical insurance plans.

Lab Testing | Prices Vary

Basic Lab Test & Functional Lab Test are available at additional cost.

Supplements | Prices Vary
Nutritional supplements are often an important part of your health and healing. We carry through our online dispensary many of the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements available. Know that your physician has taken a significant amount of time to research and find the best products for your specific health concern. The manufacturers and products selected have been proven to be the best formulas and most effective supplements made by reputable companies that use raw materials of the highest quality, ideal processing methods, hypoallergenic encapsulation, and independent laboratory assessment for purity and potency. Out of convenience and assurance of quality, you may choose to purchase your nutritional supplements from us, but you are not required to. Utilizing supplements from other suppliers is at your own risk and may not be as effective in producing your desired healthcare results.

A Naturopathic Consultation involves taking a comprehensive history of the patient to determine where in the body the dis-ease lies.
A Naturopathic Consultation involves taking a comprehensive history of the patient to determine where in the body the dis-ease lies.
A Naturopathic Consultation involves taking a comprehensive history of the patient to determine where in the body the dis-ease lies.
A Naturopathic Consultation involves taking a comprehensive history of the patient to determine where in the body the dis-ease lies.
A Naturopathic Consultation involves taking a comprehensive history of the patient to determine where in the body the dis-ease lies.TAWAINNA HOUSTON, ND, MDIV.
Dr. T. Houston is Board Certified by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners, she serves as a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, author, educator, and public speaker. She is the owner of Journey of Wellness Natural Medicine Center where she specializes in providing natural forms of disease management and prevention services to her patients. programs