Dr. Tawainna Houston | Journey of Wellness Natural Medicine Center

I consulted with Dr. Tawainna Houston following 2 falls off my porch within a week of each other in December. My x-rays showed degenerative arthritis in both knees. My pain was excruciating. Dr. Houston’s prescriptions and recommendations were superb. Better yet, her calm and pastoral manner as she went over my medical history was very comforting. She is a wonderful combination of physician and minister. Her interview did not just focus on my physical health, but also reached into my emotional and spiritual health. I highly recommend Dr. Tawainna Houston and her medical practice to you. You will not be disappointed.


I was very skeptical about doing a cleanse as I had never felt I could stick to it. However Dr. T ‘s 14 day plan was setup in a way that made it a much easier goal to accomplish. She laid out the plan set it up on a gradual basis and I did it! The products, Information and instructions were very easy to follow and Dr. T was always there to assist and answer questions. I would recommend the 14 day cleanse to anyone.

– A.H. | AGE 54

I am a 53 year old. I have been very active in my life. I have a full-time job and I am the mother of two boys. But one day I started noticing pain in my knees so I went to see my orthopedic doctor who was also treating me for my shoulder pain, he put me on some pain medications and told me to come back in 6 months. He also told me to see the Rheumatologist to rule out arthritis, which I did and I was cleared of that being the problem. The medication did help a little but the pain got worse mainly in August of 2015. I was still taking pain medication that messed up my stomach and the pain started getting worse where I thought I would end up in a wheel chair. Again I went to see the orthopedic this time another one, he gave me shots in my knees and pain the pain was gone for about 3 days and was getting worse where I was not able to sleep at night and pain was shooting from my groin to ankle. It was so horrible, pain was lasting all day and night.
So one day I decided to see Dr. Houston and she went through all my medical history, took her time to listen to me and prescribed me supplements for my pain and stomach problems. I started to take those supplement and within two days my pain went from its worse of a level 10 down to a level 3. Now since I am taking those supplements and making changes in my diet I am able to sleep at night and enjoy my life. I am very thankful that Dr. Houston was able to help me with these horrible pains that I was having. I am a very happy person now.

– S.L. | AGE 53

My first visit with Dr. Houston awesome! We talked about my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis/Osteoporosis and Lupus. She explained to me how eating all the wrong foods can cause inflammation. The inflammation causes pain in the joints. Dr. Houston modified my diet and made other lifestyle recommendations I can do at home to improve my condition. The supplements she put me on began to work instantly. My muscle strength is better and I have more energy now. Dr. Houston’s approach is entirely different from any medical doctor I have visited. She emphasize on the whole person mind, body, AND spirit. Dr. Houston also stayed focus on the healing, not the sickness. I would like to compare Dr. Houston to one of my favorite scriptures, ”Say to wisdom, you are my sister. And call understanding your nearest kin. (Proverbs 7:4)” Dr. Houston is one the most meek and mild mannered doctors I have ever met. Thank you for all that you do.

– C.W. | AGE 56

I initially thought I would be dealing with my medical condition of breathing heavy for the rest of my life but after only one visit with Dr. Tawainna Houston my symptoms began to improve within just a few weeks of following her recommendations. I have continued to feel better and better ever since. Dr. Houston was very kind and compassionate while helping me work through my health problems. I have never liked taking medications so seeing a naturopathic doctor was and remains the best choice for my health and state of mind. Thank you Dr. Houston!

– M.W. | AGE 71